Oct 19 2011

Hitchhiking road story – Trailer

This is a road story of two hitchhikers from Berlin to Istanbul. Not only did we hitch motor vehicles but also people to make interviews! We interviewed ordinary people that we met on the way. No appointments, no arrangements…Listen to their stories…Every interview was a new horizon for us and we wanted to share it with you. By the time being there are more than 20 episodes online and  about 20 more are coming very soon.

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Oct 19 2011

#21 Taxi Driver – Ohrid

In a bar in Ohrid we met Mensul a cab driver from Ohrid. He showed us around and gave us a three hour free trip in his taxi.

Jun 21 2011

#20 Steve’s Hostel – Podgorica

Steve had found the first hostel in Podgorica. Luka is showing us around the place where we stayed two nights. Steve talks a lot about the philosophy of staying in youth hostels. Interesting is also his observation on the creative parking in Podgorica which we also realized ;)


Sep 3 2010

#19 Three musicians in Dubrovnik: Milan, Bojan and Kruno

published 11.03.2011 / Shot 3.09.2010

Milan the pianist in the Jazz Bar Trobadour in Dubrovnik

We met the pianist Milan at Trobadour Jazz Bar in Dubrovnik. He talked to us about the history of the bar and its owner, Marko Breskovic who had died two days ago. Marko had represented Yugoslavia in the 13th Eurovision Song Contest in 1968. Currently his sons make music and manage the Bar. Milan and Nikola, the son of Markos played a couple of jazz songs for us.

Bojan the guitar player at the entrance of Old Town, Dubrovnik

Bojan Stojanovic is a Serbian guitar player who also played at the entrance of the Old Town, Dubrovnik, Bojan introduced us to Milan and the Trobadour Jazz Bar which you can see in the next episode. Bojan played classical guitar and talked about the old Yugoslavia.

Kruno the one man band - guitar, tamborine, harmonica and kazoo:)

It took us four rides to get from Split to Dubrovnik and we had to stop in Podgora for one night. The street along the Croatian coast from Zadar till Dubrovnik was a complete beauty.
The music is from the one man band Krunoslav Đuričić.

Aug 30 2010

#17 KUD Jedinstvo – Split

published 29.11.2009/ shot: 30.8.2010

In Split we met Terzic the president of the veterans from Jedinstvo. The KUD Jedinstvo is a folklore club unity for dancing, playing and singing in croatia. The club was found 90 years ago. Terzic speaks about his dancing life and travelling experiences through the Jedinstvo tours. Not many male teenagers are too much into dancing but almost everybody likes traveling.

He shows us some examples of croatian folklore dances. On dance who made them famous in folklore festivals like Dijon, is the Vrlika Dance. A dance without instruments. Now I know where Stomp dance performance got its inspiration from…

Aug 29 2010

#16 DIŠPET – Zadar

published 18.11.2010 / Shot 29.8.2010


We met Andrija just shortly before we wanted to leave Zadar. He was helping his girlfriend’s father and was working. When he heard that we wanted to shoot a musician he called his friends and in 15 minutes he organized his whole Band. Another 15 minutes later we were in their garage where the played two rock songs for us. This is real garage sound!! Listen to Dišpet from Zadar.

Aug 26 2010

#15 Köln-Istanbul

published: 11.11.2010/ shot: 25-26.8.2010


While hitchiking we met Tobi and Martin on a campsite in Ljubljana. They took us in their Opel Astra from Ljubljana till Gracac, a small village in Croatia. They bought an old car for 150Euros in Germany and sold it in Bulgaria for 250Euros.

We also saw the Plitvica lakes together. In this Natural Park Winnetou “Der Schatz im Silbersee”  with Pierre Brix und Lex Barker was shot. The treasure was hidden behind the waterfall you can see in the video.

Aug 24 2010

#14 Mediska – Zagreb

published: 18.10.2010 / shot: 24.8.2010


We slept in the ex squat factory Mediska in Zagreb for one day. There we met around 30 people living or visiting the place. We could make a short interview with one of the inhabitants of the ex medical factory Mediska in Zagreb. At the same time we stayed in Zagreb two other groups of people arrived to sleep somewhere in the factory. Two hitchikers from Australia who also came from Berlin and three Dutch artists who had a project and let everybody paint on a cloth at the diner.

Aug 22 2010

#13 Rok Music -Ljubljana

published: 11.10.2010 / shot: 22.8.2010

published: 09.10.2010 / shot: 20.8.2010

In Austria we hitchhiked from Vienna south to Slowenia. On of our lifts gave us a short interview. First you see pictures of the street between Klagenfurt and Ljubljana and hear the wonderful music of Yanu from Ljubljana. The song also called “Yanu” is in Yanus own language. We met him on the Schusterbridge in Ljubljana. He played on the street where we recorded his song and he allowed us to use it in our movie. I think it fits great with the pictures filmed out of the car. The way from Austria to Slowenia on the small street through the mountains shows a lot of beautiful nature but see yourself.

Aug 19 2010

#11 Wagentruppe Treibstoff – Vienna

published 31.8.2010/ Shot 19.8.2010


The Caravan Place “Wagenburg Treibstoff” in Vienna is on of the three Caravan Places in Vienna. They sent us a mail in Oktober 2010 they had to leave the area and now they are in a new but only temporary area. Good luck guys!!

Aug 17 2010

#10 Pensioner from Vienna

Published 28.8.2010 / Shot 17.8.2010

We search for somebody who could help us with the subtitle translation of this video from german to english… if you are interested please inform us. Details for the workflow are on our help us page.

Aug 16 2010

#09 The Crazy Prague Episode

published: 16.08.2010 / shot: 14.8.2010


Aug 13 2010

#08 Mehmet

Published 22th of August/Shot 13th of August


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Aug 12 2010

#07 Architectural Dresden

Thanks Anke and Caro for the translation of the english subtitles!! good job!!

Aug 11 2010

#06 Radio BLAU


If Youtube is not working for you then watch the video on our Server

We visited the Freies Radio in Leipzig/Radio BLAU when they did the Kurt Reith Radioshow.  It was such a cool atmosphere with the whole radio equipment and with three hyper-energetic DJs! They were dancing at the same time they were moderating the show.  It was so much fun for us to see how they enjoyed what they were doing. We could luckily find time to interview with UFO about Radio Blau and travelling in such a short time at such a chaotic room. Of course when you hear the radio, you never imagine that there is that much chaos in the room :-)

Aug 10 2010


MANJA and her guitarist, Stefan Jahrling welcomed us in the lovely backyard of an apartment block in Leipzig and played for us. Stefan did not have much time so that he had to leave us right after the song. Then we moved to a popular spot for alternative people living in Leipzig called “Feinkost” which is a complex comprised of a concert hall, a cinema and shops. We had a nice interview on with MANJA there.

Aug 8 2010

#04 First Lift


Struggling in vain for more than one hour on the highway to stop a car which could take us to Leipzig, we decided to walk to the nearest petrol station to ask the drivers over there. When I asked Heide for a lift, her answer was “of course” without any hesitation which would not happen very often when you hitchhike. I think that it is because we both had a good impression towards each other at first sight. No more than five minutes, we found ourselves in the middle ´of a nice chat with her. We were the first hitchhikers that she let in her car. She was such a lovely cheerful person who made us think that it was worth to wait for one hour :-) We made a nice interview. When we got to Leipzig, we were no more strangers to each other, we felt like we knew her since long time. It must be true for her too because she was kind enough to offer us her flat unless we had somewhere to stay.

Aug 7 2010

#03 Elevator Session at 3 am


Aug 6 2010

#02 Weltzeituhr – Ephraim Juda


Aug 6 2010

#01 On the rooftop with Ange da Costa